Frequently Asked Questions

Following are FAQ broken down into categories.


Do you contact me if my service day changes?

Yes, we do.

Is a contract required?

No. Doody Master® does not require a contract. This is a month-to-month service. If you would like to cancel service, please notify Doody Master® within 48 hours of scheduled maintenance.

What do you do with the dog waste?

If you decide to take advantage of the discount pricing, we will double-bag the waste and leave it in your garbage. If you decide to pay the regular price, we will remove the waste from your property and dispose of it according to local ordinances.

What does Satisfaction Guaranteed mean?

If you are not satisfied with the service provided, contact Doody Master® within 24 hours of service and we will come back to service again, free of charge.

Do you take any holidays off?

Doody Master® observes the following holidays and will be closed; From Christmas Day until New Year's Day and Thanksgiving.

Do you take any vacations?

If we do take a vacation, it is our responsibility to have a backup to fill in for us. We may move your day during the week of a vacation to cover everyone. You will not miss your weekly service due to our vacations.

Will you clean my yard with my dog outside?

If your dog does not like strangers or will not let us in the yard, Doody Master® will not clean your yard unless your dog is confined. If your dog is dangerous and you can't guarantee the dog will be confined when we come, we will have to cancel the service. Dog bites are serious and are something we want to avoid. This is not only for our protection, but yours as well. Safety is a priority.

What if you cannot get into my yard?

If service could not be performed because the dog would not let us in the gate or the gate for whatever reason could not be opened, service will be continued the following week. You will not receive a discount because we could not clean the yard.

How will you get in my gate if it is locked?

If your gate is locked, Doody Master® will not force the gate open or climb the fence, so please leave your gate unlocked on your service day. If you need to keep the gate locked, prior arrangements must be made for us to gain access.

If I call to complain, what happens next?

When you call, one of the owners will arrive at your home to resolve the situation. We do this in order to evaluate the problem and to re-train when necessary. We want to help our customer service providers to be successful.

I need a stool sample, what do I do?

Call Doody Master® or e-mail prior to our service day and we will prepare it for you.

Do you clean up the leaves in my yard?

No, we don't pick up leaves in your yard. The only thing that we clean up in your yard is the doody. If there are a lot of leaves in the yard, we won't be able to find the doody underneath. We will only pick up what we can see on top of the leaves. We will do the best we can, but we may not be able to find all of the doody.

What if my grass is long?

If your grass is long, we won't be able to find all of the doody. It is best when your lawn is regularly mowed.


Do you still operate in the winter?

Yes, we do! In our area, it snows and melts quite frequently. If it snows and covers the ground, we do our best to find everything. If we don't find everything, then we will have to work twice as hard once some of the snow melts. Maintaining service through the winter guarantees no spring clean-up ever again!

Do you have a winter policy?

Yes, we do. Doody Master® is a year-round service. We do the best we can under the conditions in which we are operating. Depending on how much snow has fallen depends on how we service your yard that week. When it snows overnight, and there is a fresh blanket of snow covering the grass, we will not be able to find any doody in your yard; therefore, we may cancel service that day. When there is snow on the ground, and there is doody on top of the snow, we will be able to clean what we can see. In our area, snow melts quite frequently. When that occurs, all the doody will be removed completely. We may cancel service due to dangerous driving conditions. If there are dangerous driving conditions, chances are good there is too much snow for us to find any doody. But don't worry; please keep in mind that when we miss some doody due to the snow, we will be at your home much longer the next time. We do not charge you extra for this because it is included in your monthly maintenance fee. It is in our interest to find all we can. If your yard is on a steep incline, depending on the ice/snow, we may not service this area of your yard. Service in this area will resume once it is safe. Safety is a big concern. With our service, your yard is constantly maintained through the winter months. You never have to worry about spring clean-up ever again. Leaving the doody in the yard during the winter can not only cause health issues, but your dog can also track the doody into your home. Dogs that are sick may keep infecting themselves repeatedly if they step in the doody and then lick their paws. YUCK!

If there is a state of emergency and no vehicles are supposed to be on the roads what happens?

Depending on the situation, we will either try to re-schedule you during the week or just come the next week. We will be at your home twice as long the following week and we don't charge any extra for the extra work.

What if it rains?

Doody Master® operates in the rain unless it is lightning.

Why would I keep this service in the winter?

By retaining your service through the winter, your yard is constantly being maintained. Through the winter the snow completely melts numerous times (hopefully more times than not). During the thaws, you will receive a complete cleaning so that once the spring arrives you won't have to worry about a spring cleaning, because you won't have one. The cost of a spring cleaning is more than one month of maintenance cleaning. You won't have to pay for a spring cleaning ever again! Plus when you retain service with us, your rate is locked in (unless dog quantity or yard size changes).


When is payment required?

For an initial clean-up or one-time service, payment is due the day of service. For monthly maintenance pre-payment of one month is required. Invoices are sent out on the 10th every month, which will be due by the 25th for the next month. Services will be discontinued if payment is not received by the beginning of the next month. All returned checks are subject to a $20.00 fee. If you pay with a recurring credit/debit card payment, your credit card will be charged on the 1st of the month.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts to senior citizens 65+. We also offer discounts for prepayments of more than 6 months and initial clean-ups if a weekly maintenance program is selected.

How do I pay?

One-Time-Only Service: Cash and online credit card accepted - ONLY. Checks are not accepted. Regular Weekly Service: You may send in a check, cash, or pay your invoice online with a credit/debit card. We also offer a recurring credit card payment option. Your credit card would be charged automatically at the beginning of each month.

What happens if I don't pay before the new month begins?

Your service will be automatically canceled until payment is received.

Why do you charge a monthly rate and not per week?

Many customers do recurring payments either through their banks or online with credit cards. Charging per week means that sometimes your invoice will be more when there are 5 weeks in a month and not 4. A flat monthly rate means you know each month what is due.

Do I get a discount if I go on vacation?

We give a discount if someone goes on a vacation for over 2 weeks or more and if the dog is not there.

If you didn't come because I was late on a payment, but paid by the next week, do I get a discount?

No. We do not give discounts when people have late payments. Our policy states that if two weeks go by without regular cleaning, you will be charged for an initial cleaning. It is cheaper to pay for monthly service than for an initial cleaning.


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we do. We carry liability insurance. If you need to see our certificate of liability insurance, contact Doody Master®.

Do you have Workman's Compensation insurance?

Yes, we do.


Can I cancel and start service again?

Yes, you may. If your yard has not been cleaned for more than two weeks, then initial cleaning rates apply. When customers retain service with us consecutively, we do not increase their rates, unless there is a change in yard size or dog quantity. When customers cancel service and come back, the rate they are charged is the new increased rate.

What happens if I don't pay before the new month begins?

Your service will be automatically canceled until payment is received.